Google Adds Jam With Chrome, Another Way to Decrease Work Productivity

Google’s homepage doodles have become increasingly more complex and involved. Instead of watching a cute animation, they are now turning them into fully playable games, like Pacman, or even a playable Moog synth. For all of Google’s productivity increasing tools, there must be an internal policy to drive down productivity, too.

JAM with Chrome (screen cap)

Their latest invention comes in the form of Jam with Chrome, which is basically an online music interaction tool. You can pick a (virtual) guitar, drums, bass, keyboard, or synth, and then play. Sounds simple enough. But there are also pre-loaded patterns to help along people that suck at making music (see: Nickelback).

The most crucial part of this time wasting venture is the ability to jam online with friends. Check out a too cutesy for Google video below, and then pop over to Jam with Chrome to waste away your day.

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