Watch! Atoms for Peace – Ingenue

Journalists are supposed to not show bias – as a music blogger, I’m all about bias, and I love all things Thom Yorke. On that note, I will calmly tell you there’s a NEW ATOMS FOR PEACE VIDEO! The track is for Ingenue, off of this week’s new release, Amok. The track has a slow, almost sexy looping beat with Thom singing delicately on top of it.

Atoms For Peace - Ingenue - YouTube screen cap

This ain’t no Lotus Flower dance video

The video features someone who auditioned for Radiohead’s Lotus Flower video but Thom rejected and did it himself. Okay, not entirely true – we have people doing strange, Matrix-esque dance moves – INCLUDING THOM YORKE, looking dapper in a tan suit. The other dancer is Fukiko Takase. Will this spawn as many memes as Lotus Flower did? I, for one, hope so. And does anyone else want to see Flea dance, perhaps even with Thom? I, for one, definitely do. Check out Ingenue below.

Atoms for Peace – Ingenue

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