Morning Music Notes – No Parole, No Name, Books and Covers

No Parole for Pussy Riot’s Nadezhda Tolokonnikova

Last night at Toronto’s Hot Docs documentary film festival, I saw Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer. Since I read music news pretty much all day, I knew a decent amount about the Russian punk band convicted for playing a flash mob protest gig inside a church in Russia. However, the documentary was enlightening and is recommended for music fans and general freedom of speech advocates. Anyway, one of the original three members who was arrested – Nadezhda Tolokonnikova aka Nadia – was denied parole this weekend (via Rolling Stone).

Since she has served half of her sentence, Nadia was up for parole. Judge Lidiya Yakovleva ruled the evidence shows that she doesn’t deserve parole because she has “not always followed the rules of behaviour” during her stay. She is appealing the ruling, despite the continued beat down that the Russian legal system through the back door workings of President Vladimir Putin is laying down on the band.

A Nameless Arcade Fire Baby

Married Arcade Fire singers Win Butler and Regine Chassagne announced months ago they were having a baby, and months later they had said baby – how prophetic of them. Win and Regine now have a baby boy, who doesn’t have a name – well, one that we are privy to. The pastor at Montreal’s St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Saint-Lambert told Le Journal de Montréal “C’était un mariage à leur image. C’est bien de voir qu’ils sont toujours ensemble et qu’ils ont aujourd’hui un bébé. C’est un peu rare dans l’industrie du divertissement” (via Stereogum). I think it means something about them releasing their new album through PeteHatesMusic. Or maybe something like “It’s good to see that they are still together and they now have a baby. It’s a bit rare in the entertainment industry.”

The band are currently working on a new album with LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy as producer. Stop making babies and start making more music, dammit! Pfft – women.

Beastie Boys to Write a Memoir

The surviving members of Beastie Boys (man, that sounds weird and depressing to write) – Ad-Rock and Mike D – are planning to write a memoir for release in 2015 (via Consequence of Sound). According to the publisher, Adam Horowitz and Michael Diamond are “interested in challenging the form and making the book a multidimensional experience.” I have NO idea what that means, but I’ll sure the book will be a lovely read.

Interesting Cover Songs, Part 1 – Andre 3000 and Beyonce Cover Amy Winehouse

The Great Gatsby

There’s been a lot of hype around the Andre 3000 and Beyonce cover of the late Amy Winehouse and her track, Back to Black. Well, it’s finally make it to the Internet and it’s…interesting. While I appreciate Andre 3000 mixing up his flow, my first couple of listens made me think “what the hell are you doing?” Amy’s Dad Mitch agrees. Beyonce attempts to save the Great Gatsby soundtrack song near the end. Give it a listen to below.

Interesting Cover Songs, Part 2 – Daughter Cover Daft Punk

That didn’t take long. We already have a cover of Daft Punk’s new track, Get Lucky. It was done by London trio, Daughter. The track is female-led, by Daughter singer Elena Tonra, which provides an interesting dynamic. It’s also a slower version, which seems to be a trend in cover songs this morning. Check it out.

Daughter – Get Lucky (original: Daft Punk)

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