Listen! Beach House – Lazuli

Beach House debuted the stunning first song, Myth, from upcoming album Bloom. They are releasing a single called Lazuli on Record Store Day (this Saturday!), which is also to appear on Bloom (via Pitchfork). Dutch Radio station 3voor12 is hosting a copy of the song. You can listen it Beach House’s Lazuli below, and then buy it this Saturday and then buy Bloom in May and then basically incorporate Beach House into your life in any way possible (hopefully that’s enough sucking up in case they want the track removed and are mean about it). Seems like Beach House is two for two with great new songs.

UPDATE: No big surprise – it appears the audio has been taken down.

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  1. 2012/04/17

    […] you remember last week, when we got so excited at the opportunity to stream the new Beach House song, that we jizzed in our pants put up a Dutch radio station’s stream of the track? Yes, it does […]