Morning Music Notes – Just What We Wanted: A Talking Shoe!

New Material from Thom Yorke and Radiohead Surfaces on BBC Radio Show

Atoms for Peace were in London on Saturday and provided BBC with their BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix. While featuring tracks by artists such as Aphex Twin, DOOM, and Other Lives, there were a few surprises thrown in the mix. Milli Vanilli anyone? Fortunately not, but new Thom Yorke tracks The Twist (Unfinished Section B) and Has Been showed up, along with a new Radiohead track Harmonics Loop, which has been played at live shows. You can stream the two hour show here.

Google Debuts Talking Shoe Concept as Part of Art, Copy, Code

I remember when reading the Steve Jobs biography, how impressive it was when he took Apple back over, he drastically reduced the company’s focus to four types of computers. He didn’t want 30 different markets – he wanted to focus on a few things and be excellent at them. This was Jobs’ advice to Google when he occasionally mentored the founders. They obviously didn’t take his advice, as they continue to dabble in anything remotely cool sounding. The latest digression? Why – a talking shoe!

The shoe was demoed at SXSW and is part of their Art, Copy, Code arts project (via Tech Crunch). Google wants to bring social interaction into everyday objects. They also want to seek out new advertising opportunities, so maybe this idea isn’t so friendly after all. However, if my toaster will now tell me one liners, I’m all for it.

The shoe senses when you’re on the move (note: rarely), when you’re stationary (note: almost permanently), and basically provides a snarky comment for every situation. Check out the first promo video of it below.

Google’s Talking Shoe

Google Glass Banned in Seattle Bar – But It’s Not Even Released Yet!

Talk about publicity stunts trend setting. The 5 Point bar in Seattle has banned Google Glass from its dive bar (via Dvice). Owner Dave Meinert said that the idea is partly a joke/publicity stunt, but he figures his bar’s patrons don’t want to be filmed when in a bar. I assume a lot of bans like this will follow once Google Glass is released. And if not, you’ll see me and Google Glass at your local strip club.

Watch! Mumford & Sons – Whispers in the Dark

Mumford & Sons - Whispers In The Dark - YouTube screen cap

Grammy winners Mumford & Sons have lost their Grammys a brand new video for another track off of Babel. The video is split into four equal parts, showing what each of the band members do before each gig. Oddly, slaughtering innocent animals is not a ritual of theirs. Check out the banjo-filled track below.

Mumford & Sons – Whispers in the Dark

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