Morning Music Notes: Drunk With Power Edition!

While the brains of this operation is off prancing around Canadian Music Week, the wang of this operation is taking over for Morning Music Notes. You should “buckle up” … or something.

Chvrches Mod Club (Copytight: PeteHatesMusic / Martin Bazyl Photography)

CHVRCHES @ Mod Club (Copytight: PeteHatesMusic / Martin Bazyl Photography)

Pete and resident photog Martin Bazyl were out at Mod Club last night to see Glaswegian buzz band CHVRCHES. They kicked ass, and covered Prince. Read the review.

Dave Grohl wanted PJ Harvey for Nirvana Cover
A bunch of Nirvana (and other) covers have been done by Dave Grohl and company over the past few months… first for a Hurricane Sandy Benefit, and then for the Sound City Players collaboration – to mediocre reviews. Perhaps that is because Grohl originally intended to collaborate with PJ Harvey on a cover for Milk It, who was not able to fit any of these dates into her schedule. Could have had PJ harvey – got Rick Springfield.
Via Gigwise…

Lollapalooza – Where are all the pissed off bands?!
Rumours have been whipping around the internet for the past few weeks about Lollapalooza’s 2013 lineup. Tickets are going on sale next week, and Vampire Weekend, Mumford & Sons, and Phoenix were all confirmed yesterday – perhaps the happiest trio of headliners of any festival, anywhere. Don’t get me wrong – these are good bands, but where’s the snarl? Where’s the danger? I’d gladly take my parents to see any of those bands!

Here is a list of rumoured acts that have a bit more bite:
– Nine Inch Nails (via Billboard)
– Queens of the Stone Age (Festival Outlook says it fits in their schedule)
– Flux Pavillion (via Giga Tools ?)
– Major Lazer (via Twitter)

Whatever the lineup, Lollapalooza and the City of Chicago are both worth every penny.

Good lord – this is a music video?!
I saw this last week and thought it was an action movie short – but it turns out it’s actually a video for Russian Rock Band Biting Elbows. The song is laughably bad, but the video? Wow – hollywood action flicks just got one-upped!

Biting Elbows – ‘Bad Motherfucker’ (Insane Office Escape 2) from Ilya Naishuller on Vimeo.

Watch Fuse’s Crate Diggers go to town on JDilla’s record Collection
JDilla’s record collection was recently found in a Detroit storage locker. The late producer was a musical genius – and created a new creative playing field through which producers of beats could aspire.

Fuse went through that storage locker to find the stuff that inspired the man who inspired. Pretty interesting watch!
Via Pitchfork

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