Morning Music Notes – One Word Rumour Mill

After a stunning debut by Vaults and their track Cry No More, the band have returned with another song, and another good one at that.

Vaults - Premonitions

The track is Premonitions – I had a feeling they would call it that. Full of grand production work and big vocals, check out the latest from the London trio Vaults.

Morning Music Notes

Here come the never-ending Oasis rumours. Singer Liam Gallagher randomly tweeted the phrase “Oasis” yesterday. That was it. Fans are going ballastic. Glastonbury appearance? Tour? Mid-afternoon drunk text?

Speaking of reunions, the Libertines have in fact confirmed their one-off show at Hyde Park on July 5. (via Guardian)

M.I.A.’s free Yonge-Dundas show as part of Canadian Music Week is now at a venue that holds 400 people. Due to logistical problems, such as weather (blame Canada), the show will now be held at Tattoo, and tickets will be given out via lottery. (via the Grid)

If you haven’t been following Morrissey’s slamming of Canada’s seal hunt, and the following retort from Canadian Fisheries Minister, check out the Guardian’s recap. Morrissey has responded again, comparing the argument that the hunt employs people to the fact that building and maintaining Auschwitz also employed people. Ouch!

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