Morning Music Notes – I Would Die to Be in That Record

We have a track from Ski Lodge and there are no hot chocolate or ski bunny puns in the title. The track is called Boy and is off of Big Heart, which is out August 20.

Ski Lodge - -Boy- (Official Music Video) - YouTube screen cap
The New York based band have both a quirky sound and a quirky video for Boy. Both are playful, too. Check it out below.

Ski Lodge – Boy

Morning Music Notes

Hello cash grab. Three pop duets recorded between Freddie Mercury of Queen and Michael Jackson back in 1983 will now be released. Queen guitarist Brian May is working with Roger Taylor and producer William Orbit to finish them up. Disaster in the making? (via Billboard)

Good news if you’re an indie retailer in the UK. Although there are less than 300 of you, you managed to have sales increase 44% in the first half of 2013. Interesting fact: indie record stores account for 3.2% of all music sales, but more than 50% of all vinyl LP sales in the UK. Who doesn’t love stats? (via Digital Music News)

Were you at the KISS show in Toronto on Friday? If so, and you had your face painted, you would’ve been denied alcohol. What kind of world are we living in?! (via Exclaim)

Have you ever wanted to have your ashes placed into a vinyl record? Here’s something to reduce your fear of death, all the while making someone’s ears happy with the sound of music (via The Strut)

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