Morning Music Notes – There’s Money in This Industry That We Blog In After All

Giving the Fans What They Want – A Marcus Mumford and Justin Timberlake Collaboration?

Mumford & Sons frontman, Marcus Mumford, has recorded a song with pop singer, Justin Timberlake (via NME). I’ve always thought that pop music needed more banjos.

The track is for the soundtrack of the new Coen Brothers movie, Inside Llewyn Davis (which sounds like a p0rn movie I watched the other day). Coincidentally – or most likely, not – the film stars Carey Mulligan, who is married to Marcus Mumford. She is trying to make it as a musician in 1960s New York. So wait, there’s time travel, too?

Music Industry Isn’t Going Bankrupt!

Thanks to bloggers The music industry saw an increase in worldwide revenues last year for the first time in 13 years (via Consequence of Sound). The music biz (as cool kids call it) generated $16.5 billion last year, which is equivalent to the typical dinner bill for Axl Rose. The increase was 0.3% over the previous year.

The study by NPD Group notes that music file sharing has apparently dropped significantly, although no figures were provided. Digital downloaded accounted for a massive $5.6 billion of the revenue. This report comes at the same time that Live Nation announced a massive loss of $163 million in 2012 (via Hollywood Reporter). Apparently having double digit service charges doesn’t make a company profitable.

The Pirate Bay Sets Sails for Norway and Spain

Swedish torrent site, The Pirate Bay, was let go by Sweden’s Pirate Party due to legal threats from a local anti-piracy group (via Slash Gear). The Pirate Party is a political party that tries to reform copyright and patent laws. However, since the Rights Alliance told the Swedish Pirate Party that if they continue to work with the Pirate Bay, they will face with legal action.

The Hydra Bay

The Hydra Bay

The Swedish Pirate Party is now being serviced by pirate parties in Norway and Spain, in what is called The Hydra Bay, complete with awesome new logo seen above. In a Facebook post, the company wrote “Let’s just say that it will change a lot of things for a lot of people. When the bomb goes off, remember that we did it with love in our hearts and with hope of humanity. We believe we can change the world by doing this.”

Listen! My Morning Jacket – Leaving On a Jet Plane (cover)

My Morning Jacket have a new cover song off of The Music Is You: A Tribute to John Denver, which is out April 2nd. They cover Leaving on a Jet Plane, a song which needs no introduction. Take it away, Jim James.

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