When Twitter Jokes Aren’t Funny – When You’re Denied Entering the USA

Ah, twitter. A self indulgent social media program in which you document the uselessness of your life in 140 characters or less. Twitter quickly gained popularity with celebrities, who gave insights to slices of their life that we’ll never get to experience. It then caught on with comedians, providing the perfect outlet for one liners.

As more and more casual users hopped on Twitter, jokes and pictures had another medium to go viral. But, as 2 Brits found out, you need to be careful what you tweet – they are watching us.

What started as a joke ended horribly wrong for 2 Brits. A seemingly harmless tweet – “Free this week, for quick gossip/prep before I go and destroy America?” – insanely prevented the 2 from entry into America and caused many hours of questioning and stress (via Digital Trends).

What the lads meant were they we’re going to “party” in America, not literally destroy it. Silly British slang. Also, a Family Guy quote about wanting to “dig up Marilyn Monroe” was also flagged. They even searched their luggage for shovels!

Despite their explanations, the guys were detained in Los Angeles and sent back to Europe the next day. This clearly illustrates that “dangerous” tweets are being monitored (by the overly paranoid fear-installing nation that is America). This might make you think twice about tweeting about killing Justin Bieber.

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  1. 2012/04/26

    […] a related Twitter note, always be careful what you tweet. We previously mentioned a couple of UK guys denied entry into America for a misunderstood Twitter comment. A judge in New York has ruled that police can subpoena tweets from any Twitter account without a […]