Morning Music Notes – Another Kanye West Rant, Thankfully Not at the Oscars

Oscar Wrap Up on a Music Site

The Oscars were last night, and doesn’t my bookie know it, as I locked down on Christoph Waltz at 21:1 odds back in December, Argo at 5:1, and Ang Lee at 5:1 – true story. Maybe I should start up PeteHatesMovies, too? Music is an integral part of movies, and it was no different at the Academy Awards last night.

A personal favourite part of the night was the sound employed to force long-winded speech givers off the stage. Instead of having the orchestra subtly play in the background, the theme of Jaws was played, forcing immediate fear and urgency into the speaker. Perhaps it lacked tact, but it didn’t lack awesomeness.

Seth MacFarlane - We Saw Your Boobs- The Oscars 2013 The 85th Academy Awards OSCARS 2013 - YouTube screen cap

Host Seth MacFarlane noted that there was a musical theme to the Oscars, and this was definitely the case, as there was plenty of boring songs throughout the night. The highlight was the Family Guy-esque, semi-offensive, “amazing if only for Naomi Watts’ AND Charlize Theron’s reaction” song, We Saw Your Boobs, sung by Seth MacFarlane himself. Check it out below (before those lawyers have YouTube take it down).

Seth MacFarlane – We Saw Your Boobs

An Arcade Fire Baby is On the Way

Arcade Fire singers Win Butler and his wife, Régine Chassagne, are expecting a baby (via Consequence of Sound). The City With No Children is about to have one. No Wasted Hours with those two. Was the baby conceived In The Back Seat? Or perhaps in an Empty Room? Will these lame puns ever end? Answer: yes!

Madonna Tops Billboard’s Annual Top 40 Money Maker List

Multiple divorcee, Madonna, needs the money. Well, she’s in luck – Billboard reports that she made $34.6 million in 2012 on the strength of her MASSIVE BICEPS world tour (via Gigwise). $32 million of her earnings came from her tour – merch ain’t cheap! Bruce Springsteen was number 2 with $33.4 million, again on the strength of his world tour. Van Halen, Coldplay, and Justin Bieber also cracked the top 10. Talent doesn’t necessary hinder your money earning potential in this industry, folks.

Kanye West Forgets to Take His Meds Again, Does Another Trademark Rant

Kanye West played in London on Friday night. He decided to use a musical interlude in Clique to diss Justin Timberlake and his new song, Suit and Tie. Or maybe he was being clever and using ‘suit and tie’ in the businessman sense. He said “”And I got love for Hov but I ain’t fucking with that ‘Suit & Tie.” He also noted he hates business people, so who knows. Apparently they want to sell shampoo with his face on it – now that I would buy. He also doesn’t have much love for the Grammys. Too bad he didn’t sound off about that shite show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Check out the (drug-fueled?) rant below. If you want some great out of content Kanye West quotes though, check out the Kanye Wes Anderson tumblr.

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