Friday Afternoon Funnies – Valentine’s Day Sucks

If you’re like me, you spent Valentine’s Day alone rummaging through online dating profiles your closet, looking for something nice to wear for your big date. But why bother – it’s the middle of February! You should stay home and listen to the PeteHatesMusic Sad Indie Playlist.

Valentine's Day Sucks Better to be Single - CollegeHumor Video screen cap

Now that I’ve made this post somewhat music related, I can say that you should check out College Humor’s take on why Valentine’s Day sucks. It’s just so much effort to go on a date when you could just sit at home in your pajamas. Yup, the attitude of quitters who are destined to be alone. But since you’re alone, no one will know you’re watching this video, so press play and enjoy, on this week’s Friday Afternoon Funnies.

Valentine’s Day Sucks

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