Friday Afternoon Funnies: Rachel Bloom – You Can Touch My Boobies

Comedian Rachel Bloom adds to her collection of interesting titled songs, such as Pictures of Your Dick, Fuck Me Ray Bradbury, and I Steal Pets, with her latest song, You Can Touch My Boobies. The premise of the video is a 12 year old Jewish boy daydreaming about what all 12 year olds daydream about – dinosaurs sex. Problem is, like most men 12 year olds, he doesn’t quite know how it all works. What he does know is that he can touch boobies in his fantasy, which is quickly becoming my fantasy.

Ah yes, these are the thoughts of a 12 year old boy. Definitely not the thoughts of my daydreams right now. So if you’re wondering why you haven’t seen this song on Billboard, let me point you to a certain part of the chorus lyrics: “Boner, boner, uterus”. Suck on that, Lennon and McCartney. By the way, this video is NSFW, so buyer beware.

Rachel Bloom – You Can Touch My Boobies

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