Friday Afternoon Funnies: Beyonce’s Unflattering Pictures

Beyonce is pretty. Very pretty. She is talented and successful. Because of these reasons, we (meaning society) like to take these people down a peg, because they are doing things we even can’t do or have been rejected trying to do (I tried to date Jay-Z). Beyonce had the whole lip sync fiasco. Recently, she just played the Super Bowl half time show, and it was pretty decent.

However, people have taken some unflattering pictures of her in the middle of her dance routine – a moment when no one would look sexy – and point out that she’s in fact She Hulk, amongst other things. Yup, it’s incredibly mean, and Beyonce’s publicist even asked BuzzFeed to take down the pictures. This fuelled the fire even more, creating all sorts of photoshopping skills and memes.

Due to fear of her publicist (and since Jay-Z is in the Illuminati), I figured I’d safely link you to BuzzFeed’s gallery of all things unflattering towards Beyonce. Check out photoshop at its meanest in this week’s Friday Afternoon Funnies.

In case you missed it, check out her Super Bowl Half Time show below.

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