Watch! Justin Timberlake (featuring Jay-Z) – Suit & Tie

The new Justin Timberlake song, Suit and Tie, has a throwback, brassy sound to it. It’s a bit of a different direction for him. He managed to rope in Jay-Z for the track. For the video, he landed David Fincher, director of Fight Club, Zodiac, and the JT-starring The Social Network.

Justin Timberlake – “Suit & Tie” Video (Feat. Jay-Z) via screen cap

Timberlake posted on his website, “We are pleased to present the OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO for ‘Suit & Tie ft. JAY Z’. Before Fincher directed his trademark edgy films like Seven, Fight Club, and Panic Room, he cut his teeth making iconic music videos, including Madonna’s ‘Express Yourself’ and The Rolling Stones’ ‘Love Is Strong’, amongst others.”

An old-fashioned song deserves an old-fashioned video, and that’s what we have in this video – sort of. We have an old club and tuxes, but we also have um, lasers. Check it out below, and see if their rumoured joint tour comes into fruition.

Justin Timberlake (featuring Jay-Z) – Suit & Tie

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