Morning Music Notes – Gangnam Stamps to Get a Billion Licks

Monday is a holiday in Ontario, so I took today off to have an extra long weekend, and have a bunch of scheduled posts running to give the illusion I’m blogging. As such, this news is not morning fresh. So if Thom Yorke announces that he is playing a show in my backyard this weekend, I would be the last to know. Without further adieu:

Thom Yorke Announces Intimate Backyard Gig in Toronto

Chris Brown and Drake to Sue One Another Like the Children They Are

Remember that bar fight between Drake and Chris Brown? Well, now they are taking each other to court (via Rolling Stone). The two singers and their entourages threw a few punches – and bottles – last June, and apparently blame the other for starting it.

A model named Romain Lettuce Julian sued the club, Brown, and Drake claiming that he was caught in the crossfire of maturity. It’s believe Drake and Brown are suing to blame the other so that should Julian win his suit, the loser of their one on one battle would also have to pay Julian. Do you remember who else was at the club that night? NBA star Tony Parker, who suffered an eye injury. Nothing like money to make you throw away the manners.

Now Letters Are Doing Gangnam Style Dances, Too

One year ago, if I said that a Korean named Psy would have a commemorative stamp to celebrate having over one billion YouTube views, you would told me to find the nearest mental hospital. North Korea successfully launching any kind of missile would’ve seemed more plausible. But here we are, all Gangnam Style’d out. South Korea isn’t though, and they are issuing stamps showing off the dance moves from Psy’s big hit (via NME).

The stamps come with a card with Psy’s signature on the back, and a QR code to take you to the video, in case you want to watch it another billion times. You know what else is interesting? Any story but this!

Android and iOS Completely Dominate Smartphone World Market

Take a guess at what percentage of the world’s smartphone marketshare belongs to Android or Apple’s iOS. Based on the last quarter of 2012, the answer is a whopping 91.1% (via iPhone in Canada). This means that Blackberry, Windows, and other smartphone operating systems (whatever those may be) have a paltry 8.9% between them. Check out other interesting stats over at iPhone in Canada.

Listen! Metric – Breathing Underwater (MNDR Remix)

Metric Breathing Underwater

Electronic duo MNDR have remixed Metric’s latest hit, Breathing Underwater. The rock track takes on a club dance floor hit, with a heavy beat, and echoey vocals. Check it out below.

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