You Work at AllThingsD, Her at Mashable, Which Leads to: The Nerdy Infographic Marriage Proposal

AllThingsD is the tech blog. Mashable covers technology and social media. The coolest (read: nerdiest) way of presenting lots of information in an interesting way is an infographic, which breaks down dorky numbers and stats into a cool picture that tells a story that you probably shouldn’t be interested in, but will end up posting on your Facebook and Twitter, and wonder how the fuck that happened.

With this in mind, when a guy who works at AllThingsD wants to propose to his girlfriend who works at Mashable, the obvious and romantic way to do it is in an infographic, right? Apparently yes. Check out the infographic prepared by Drake Martinet for his girlfriend Stacy Green at Mashable. I hope she replied by some obscure method, like morse code or pigeon carrier.

love-visualized_infographic (via Mashable)

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  1. 2012/05/17

    […] and Internet worlds grow, so do elaborate wedding proposals. On Valentine’s Day, a guy who works at AllThingsD proposed to his girlfriend who works at Mashable. There’s also the one where the guy who works at Google proposes to his girlfriend IN Google […]