Morning Music Notes – The $1 Billion Search

Grammy Awards Had 28 Million Viewers, Needed Someone Famous to Die Right Before Show Again

The Grammy Awards had massive viewership in 2012, thanks in part to Whitney Houston dying the weekend of the show. Sunday night’s show was down from the 40 million in 2012, to an average of 28.37 million (via Hollywood Reporter). Couldn’t someone have killed Chris Brown or something? The 28 million viewers makes it the second most watched Grammys since 1993 (with 2012 being the most watched).

Anyone notice that random guy who appeared on stage with Adele? Check out the video below, and watch J Lo dismiss him with her magic hands, and he goes trotting backstage. Does he look familiar? He’s the guy that started kissing Will Smith on a red carpet before. He’s a Ukrainian TV presenter who apparently likes stunts.

Dan Auerbach Going Through a Divorce?

Apparently PeteHatesMusic is now some shitty gossip site! Spinner points out that The Black Keys singer Dan Auerbach was alone at the Grammys on Sunday because (promise you won’t say is a Lonely Boy, Pete) he is going through a divorce with his wife Stephanie Gonis. The two of them have a four year old daughter, Sadie Little Auerbach. Drummer Patrick Carney previous went through a divorce, and now Dan has ample material for lyrics for the band’s next album, tentatively titled My Wife is a Gigantic Bitch.

$1 Billion Just to Search for Useless Information

Google is currently the default search engine on Apple’s iOS devices. They pay for this role, and it is believed they might have to pay around $1 Billion in 2014 to remain the default search engine (via Tech Crunch). Holy fuck balls! Can’t they find better ways to invest $1 billion dollars?! I hear this PeteHatesMusic blog is a pretty solid investment (if you like alcoholic, deadbeat writers).

TechCrunch notes that for every dollar Google makes on Apple’s iOS from things like advertising or data collection, Apple gets 75 cents. Google pays more to Apple than it makes from the deal, but without the deal, they won’t have the cash to go explore places like the Great Barrier Reef for Google Maps, or to mess about with their driverless cars.

Watch! Jim James – A New Life

My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James has a new solo album out, which you can stream right here. “But what about a new video, Pete?” Why, I am so glad you just randomly asked that. James also has a new video for his track, A New Life.

Jim James - -A New Life- YouTube screen cap

The video sees James play guitar reflectively while in a dark room, until the video gets literal with the door lyrics, and then of course, the dancing giant buffalo head part of the video. Check it out below, and grab the album, which is out now.

Jim James – A New Life

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