Friday Afternoon Funnies – Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong in Deleted Scenes from This is 40

This is 40 is the latest life/romance crisis comedy from Judd Apatow, who has nailed (and repeated) the formula of somewhat dirty comedy mixed with relatable dysfunctional relationship issues. The movie stars Paul Rudd as a man who turns 40 (and is not the 40 year old virgin, judging by his kids), and is in trouble of losing the record label he started due to money problems.

This Is 40 - Deleted Scene- -Billie Joe- - via YouTube screen cap

A couple deleted scenes have been put up onto YouTube involving some of the acts Rudd’s character has tried to work with. One is Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day, who wants to record some Norwegian death metal mixed with Belle & Sebastian. Who wouldn’t like that? It’s music you can cry to but makes you want to burn a church down at the same time. The scene was good – it’s too bad they deleted it. Sometimes, you should know when to delete a scene from a movie. A perfect example is in Batman & Robin, and all of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze lines (see montage below).

Listen to Billie Joe’s rather hilarious music descriptions, which features him trying to stifle some laughter, in this week’s Friday Afternoon Funnies. As a bonus, there’s another scene and a song by The Eels.

This is 40 Deleted Scene: Billie Joe Armstrong

This is 40 Deleted Scene: The Eels

Mr. Freeze Puns

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