Morning Music Notes – Taking the Fun Out of Surprises

More Coachella Headliners Revealed? Daft Punk, Phoenix, Yeah Yeah Yeahs Rumoured

Technology might yet again be ruining surprises. First, my beeping Christmas present in 1989 that turned out NOT to be a GameBoy but was a Speak and Spell, and now Coachella 2013. Yesterday, we noted that the Rolling Stones app listed Coachella as a tour date, before quickly being edited. Now, a concert listing site has apparently emailed out a Friday April 12 lineup for Coachella that includes Daft Punk, Phoenix, The Rolling Stones, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs (via Gigwise). This could (and likely is, knowing Coachella rumours) be fake, as how would they even know who is confirmed? So curb your enthusiasm and wait for updated information as it happens. If the kidnapping plot went as planned, Hologram Bieber might’ve been the next big thing.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Confirm Spring For New Album Release

We posted rumours of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs album being released in spring 2013, but now we have what detectives love – hookers proof!

yeah yeah yeahs

The band tweeted the above pic (is that a lightsabre??) and also said “DNA upgrades, spontaneous evolution and NEW YEAH YEAH YEAHS RECORD ARRIVING SPRING 2013! finally.” They’d better not be stealing my ‘DNA upgrades’ news!

Google Maps on iOS is Kicking Ass

Just as I thought, my pants ARE on backwards Google Maps is doing extremely well since being release for Apple iOS devices such as the iPhone. The free app was downloaded 10 million times in the first 48 hours of its release (via iPhone in Canada). It vaulted to the top of the free apps, where it bumped off some Justin Bieber castration app (NOT a real app).

Listen! Midnight Sun – Lion Run

We have some 90s alternative sounding rock for you, and hopefully you didn’t shudder at that phrase. The band are from Brooklyn and are called Midnight Sun (which I don’t think exists in Brooklyn, unless it’s a drug). The band’s debut album is out on January 11, and is called Don’t Let Me Sleep (okay, midnight sun is definitely a drug reference). Check out their first track, Lion Run, below.

(via Consequence of Sound)

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  1. 2012/12/19

    […] Well isn’t this the ultimate kick in the teeth for Apple execs. Apple unceremoniously dumped Google Maps from the iPhone, opting to go with their shiny, new (high problematic) Apple Maps. It sucked – restaurants were placed in the middle of lakes, bridges were warped, and basically the satellite imaging looks like a Salvador Dali painting in places. Apple admitted their maps needed work, and recommended other map services. This was all before Google Maps came around and made an official iPhone app. It got over 10 million downloads in 2 days. […]