2 Men Arrested in Bizarre Justin Bieber Murder and Castration Plot

The only times I seem to blog about Justin Bieber is when he’s getting made fun of, or there’s some ridiculous lawsuit that is comical. I didn’t think I’d be blogging about Justin Bieber because of a planned murder attempt and castration plot. Yup, you read that correctly.

Two men have been arrested after getting hired to murder and castrate one Justin Bieber (via National Post). The men accused are 41 year old Mark Staake and his 21 year old nephew Tanner Ruane. How did they get caught? Bieber’s bodyguards? Suspicious hotel staff? Nope – the guy who hired them ratted them out. Did I mention the guy who hired them, Dana Martin, is serving two life sentences for raping and murdering a 15 year old girl? Did I also mention this guy HAS A JUSTIN BIEBER TATTOO ON HIS LEG?!

I don’t know why this guy would want Justin Bieber dead (besides the reasons that the rest of you have), but why would he put a price of $2,500 for each of his testicles?! Surely the going rate on one of Justin Bieber’s balls is much more than $2,500! I don’t know how much the murder rate prices are, but it seems like these guys would’ve been getting very little in risk vs reward department. I suppose they were hired for their sharp minds though.

The pair were arrested in New York, where it is alleged they were staking out Bieber before his November 28 concert at Madison Square Gardens. Coincidentally, tonight at Madison Square Gardens will see perhaps the greatest line up in rock history in one stage on one night. That has nothing to do with anything, but I didn’t want to end my post talking about Justin Bieber’s balls – I do that far too often.

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  1. 2012/12/18

    […] know who is confirmed? So curb your enthusiasm and wait for updated information as it happens. If the kidnapping plot went as planned, Hologram Bieber might’ve been the next big […]