Morning Music Notes – You Can’t Bring Grenades to the Airport Anymore

Beck Announces New Album That You Don’t Have to Play Yourself

The headline might be confusing for those who aren’t up on their Beck album releases. Beck previously announced he is releasing a new album called Beck Hansen’s Song Reader which you can only hear by picking up an instrument and playing yourself. This sounds pretty ripe for YouTube covers and lame attempts at covers.

Now, Beck has announced a “proper” album follow up, that you can just hit play and listen to, like how music is supposed to be (via Consequence of Sound). Beck told Australia’s triple j radio “I started a record, largely recorded in 2008, so I’m trying to carve out some time from all the production work I’m doing to finish those songs before they become records from a lost era. It’s going on a half decade at this point.”

Beck is often very far ahead of the curve, so the songs will likely fit in just find.

The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne Shuts Down Oklahoma Airport by Bringing a Grenade to the Airport

Wayne Coyne might not be too familiar with airport security these days. The Flaming Lips singer brought a non-live grenade to the Will Rogers airport in Oklahoma City on November 10. What happened next? Oh, security found it and shut down the entire airport (via Guardian).

Officer Lindel Sides said in a report “I looked at the object but could not tell if it was live. [Coyne] said it was given to him at a party in Arkansas on 4 November 2012. He advised it was a grenade but said it was dead and was painted.”

That must’ve been one hell of a party! One traveller noted that the whole airport was put on lockdown. People missed their flights and obviously lost some money. I don’t care you who are, you don’t bring explosives to the airport. Those are grounds for me to download your entire catalogue and all future releases illegally.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs to Release New Album in the Spring

Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ It’s Blitz was my favourite YYY’s release to date. The band are now reportedly (finally!) following up that 2009 release with a new album in Spring 2013 (via NME). The news was revealed by talk show host Jason Bentley on LA station KCRW. And….that is all the info we have.

Watch! Everything Everything – Kemosabe

Manchester act, Everything Everything, followed up Cough Cough with the track Kemosabe. The track, which is full of interesting rhythms and vocals, now has a video.

Everything Everything - Kemosabe - YouTube screen cap

The video takes place in a sunny forest, where only good things happen, like axe throwing and walking on your hands for incredibly long periods of time. Okay, that’s not a regular, sunny forest but it’s what you see in this video. The art-rock band’s upcoming album is out January 14.

Everything Everything – Kemosabe

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