Morning Music Notes – Within You Without You

Ravi Shankar Dead at the Age of 92

Indian sitar legend, influencer of the Beatles, and father of Norah Jones – Ravi Shankar – has passed away at the age of 92 (via Stereogum). He died from complications from recent surgery. The man was a big name in the Indian music scene, but managed to appeal to Western culture, especially the Beatles. George Harrison famously took to Ravi, learning the sitar from him and infusing it in Beatles songs such as Within You Without You, Love You To, Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown), and others. Have a quick and safe rebirth, Ravi.

Rush, Public Enemy to be Inducted into Hall of Fame

A bit slow to the punch, but I was busy celebrating the news yesterday (or something like that). Rush, Public Enemy, Heart, Donna Summer, Family Guy star Randy Newman, Albert King, and Lou Adler will all be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013 (via Spinner). Five of the six entries have been eligible for many years and been snubbed for all of those years. One of the biggest snubs of all has been reserved for those Canadians with a worldwide fanbase – Rush – who have been eligible since 1998. And what about poor Donna Summer – was eligible for 6 years, and finally gets admitted after she is dead. Um, congrats?

Paul McCartney to Play the Role of Kurt Cobain, Hopefully Doesn’t Hook Up with Courtney Love

Tonight is the big 12.12.12. Hurricane Sandy benefit, starring everyone who is anyone. My invitation was lost in the cyber mail system I’m guessing. There will also be a Nirvana reunion of sorts, with Dave Grohl, bassist Krist Novoselic, unofficial fourth member Pat Smear (now in Foo Fighters) and PAUL McCARTNEY joining the band – what?! (via Guardian). They reportedly won’t be doing a cover, so we won’t hear poppy Paul ripping his vocal chords for Rape Me or Tourette’s, but instead we get a new song. What?! Maybe the Mayans were right after all.

When Dave Grohl started Them Crooked Vultures, Paul McCartney wanted in the band. Grohl had to tell McCartney no, as they went with Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones. Since then, McCartney has tried teaming up with Grohl when he can, including a Grammys tribute this past year. Now, he gets a ‘new Nirvana’ song. Bloggers – start your engines, and get ready to praise or tear apart the song later tonight.

Listen! Kodaline – All My Friends (LCD Soundsystem cover)

We tipped Kodaline to be one of the acts to bet on for a good 2013. Then the BBC went and did the same thing with their Sound of 2013 annual list.


The Irish band are planning their second EP release in March 2013, and they have a cover of LCD Soundsystem’s All My Friends on there. The EP is out on March 11, but perhaps oddly, their debut album release is out a week later on March 18. Basically, it’s all Kodaline, all the time. Check out the re-arrangement below.

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