Tuesday Trivia – Week 49

This is Week 49 of the PeteHatesMusic Tuesday Trivia, and we’re hoping you stop caring soon so that we can stop working.

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Note: All of the clues are on this first page, so scroll down slowly. The answer is on Page 2, so you can’t cheat.

Clue Number 1 (Correct answer worth 6 points)

We are from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA.

(write down or remember your answer, as it will be revealed on the next page)

Clue Number 2 (Correct answer now worth 5 points)

We formed in 1993, broke up in 2000, reunited for a gig in 2008, and came out with a new album in 2012.

(keep reading for more clues)

Clue Number 3 (Correct answer now worth 4 points)

We are a piano rock band, whose name is misleading, as there are actually only three members in our band.

(stroll down if you need another clue)

Clue Number 4 (Correct answer now worth 3 points)

After we broke up, our lead singer (who the band is named after) released three solo albums.

(more clues below)

Clue Number 5 (Correct answer now worth 2 points)

Our latest video (as seen on PeteHatesMusic) featured us hanging out with the gang from Fraggle Rock, and actress Anna Kendrick.

(final clue is below – keep scrolling)

Clue Number 6 – Audio Clue (Correct answer now worth 1 point)

Listen to our big hit, Brick.

Brick – Mystery band


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