10 Good Bets for Breakout Artists in 2013

As we approach the end of 2012, we can’t help but look to 2013. Will my pen pal ever write back to me?! A lot of EPs, singles, and albums have been released in 2012 that could lead to bigger and better things in 2013. Here are 10 of PeteHatesMusic’s “good bets” for 2013.

1. Kendrick Lamar 

Kendrick Lamar - Prefix Magazine

Remember, this is about “good bets,” and this is as safe a bet for a big 2013 as anything. When Jeff Chang, the guy who basically wrote the hip hop encyclopedia, writes a review like this, you know that you’re listening to something important.

Kendrick Lamar – Backseat Freestyle

2. XV


We’re betting on a big 2013 from XV for a bunch of reasons… The most fun one to write a blog list about is that he’s at the head of a pretty exciting hip hop scene in an unexpected place – Wichita Kansas.

His 2012 releases Popular Culture has a few tracks that might blow up popular radio, and a few tracks that might end up club classics. Bet against that!

XV – Wonkavator

3. Clockwork


Clockwork is a safe bet because he released the most epic piece of dance music we’ve heard this year. He’s also in a wave of humungous dance music from Los Angeles that will make tons of noise in 2013.

4. Jake Bugg

Jake Bugg

Although we haven’t put much money on Jake Bugg yet, we’re definitely doubling-down that he’ll be a huge artist in 2013. The guy is a regular on some of BBC’s biggest shows and opened for Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds this year. Since we’re betting, I guess we should say something like, “it stands to be seen if North American audience will embrace this Nottingham singer-songwriter.” But that would be bullshit. This guy is going to be a big artist in 2013.

Jake Bugg – Lightning Bolt

5. Kodaline


These Dublin rockers have been featured a few times on PeteHatesMusic – All I Want and Perfect World, specifically. All I Want was featured on Grey’s Anatomy, while the band have been championed by Zane Lowe and Fearne Cotton on BBC Radio 1 (clearly after reading about them on PHM). Their EP is out, and you can bet that big things likely await in 2013.

Kodaline – All I Want

6. Swim Deep

Swim Deep - Honey (Screen Cap)

Surf rock pop from…Birmingham, England? That’s what we thought when we featured their track, Honey. The band have just signed to major label RCA, they are on tour, and a debut album will soon follow. Listen up now before all your friends start telling you about them – next year.

Swim Deep – Honey

7. Strange Talk

Strange Talk (Photo credit - Kane Hibberd)

A slice of synth pop heaven and a video that made us think of E.T. and the Goonies immediately hooked us on Melbourne’s Strange Talk. The band’s music has been featured on 90210 and Made In Chelsea, amongst other shows, and with an EP out and an album to follow, bet on them playing lots of shows and festivals in 2013.

Strange Talk – Cast Away

8. Azealia Banks

ATLANTIS - AZEALIA BANKS via YouTube screen cap

Azealia Banks has been bombarding us with videos and mixtapes. Hell, maybe she’s already broken out this year (or even 2011….), but until everyone has her name on their brains, we’ll cheat and say no. Her first album, Broke with Expensive Taste, is out in February and she’s going to go heads up with just about anyone in 2013.

Azealia Banks – Liquorice

9. China Rats

China Rats

We’ve been championing this Leeds outfit for awhile now, including an interview with the lads. After getting noticed at Benicassim this year and moving up to a headlining slot due to Bat for Lashes pulling out, you’d be foolish not to bet on these guys not raising the stakes in 2013. Fed up with the poker puns yet? I fully acknowledge that they’ve all been done before.

10. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs is an outrageous name for a young British guy with an equally outrageous name – Orlando Higginbottom. How can you not love a guy dressing up in a sort of kiddie dinosaur costume when playing? We get dance and electro music that sounds like it’s made by a player much older than a guy of 26 years to his name.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Tapes & Money


So we’ve given you a few sure bets, a few long shots, and a few artists that might look like bluffs. What bands do you think should be on this list for good bets in 2013?

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