Watch 8 Minutes of Batman’s Bat Gadgets and Bat Gear in this Bat Clip

I love how when talking about Batman, the adjective “bat” is applied to everything involving him (even his name). Batmobile. Batarang (seriously?). Batcopter. Batbike. But we love Batman too much, so we’ll let it slide. We also love gadgets (note our lovely technology and gadget section, which has been ignored since I went on vacation). So why not feature 8 minutes combining these 2 lovely topics?

The Dark Knight Rises comes out Friday, and to prep you for some of the awesomely geeky things that Batman gets to play with, we have a clip that showcases some of the things from the trilogy of Batman films – Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and the Dark Knight Rises. I would rather someone invent a time machine so that it’s Friday and I am magically in the theatre, eating a 1 kg pack of gummi beers and sipping a giant bat beer. I’ll settle for this clip instead.

(via Wired)

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