Morning Music Notes – No One Would Say ‘Who’s This, This is Good!’ About Nickelback

This is The Top Story Because It Is Ridiculous

The only Nickelback posts we do on PHM are ones that mock the band or the singer – nothing ever music related (except when people don’t want them playing venues, like last November in Detroit). Since “singer” Chad Kroeger is now engaged to pop princess Avril Lavigne, a whole new line of jokes (and Halloween costumes) have become available – thanks guys!

The goatee’d one chatted with Men’s Health and made up some quotes about what Avril would think of Nickelback (via Gigwise). But first, he talks about his libido, which sort of made me barf in my mouth a little. Chad said “I don’t think my libido has changed. I just think that my Rolodex has been confiscated. And I’m OK with that.” Way to woo Avril with those kind words.

He also says that Avril doesn’t listen to Nickelback, which at least gives her some credit. But he added “If a naughty Nickelback song came on, my fiancee would probably ask who it was. She’d be like, ‘Who’s this? This is good. I like it.’ I’m terrified that some day she’s going to listen to some of the things I’ve written, and I’m going to have some explaining to do. There’s going to be a whole question-and-answer period following that one.”

First of all, Avril banged everyone in Hollywood – you’ve got zero explaining to do. And second of all, Nickelback have naughty songs? Did he mistakenly use the word naughty when he meant bad, as in shit? And finally, SHE WOULD NOT ASK WHO’S THIS – THIS IS GOOD! That kills all credibility you might have had. Now check below for Nickelback’s newest, great single!

Wait, Who is That? Wyclef Jean?

I understand that reporters worked a lot of hours in the days leading up to the US election, and especially during the day. I also understand that they are fed a lot of their lines. That being said, I find this video quite entertaining as the reporter tries to identity which musician is being interviewed beside him. He gets it wrong. Twice. It’s sort of painful to watch, but not as painful as listening to music made by (who is the correct answer in the video). Best part of the video? The stink eye gives him shortly after he correctly identifies him.

Google Announces Google Play’s Music, TV, Movies Coming to Canada on November 13

For people with Android devices outside of America, your options for getting items from the Google Play store have been quite limited. Now users in Canada, UK, France, Germany, and Australia will be able to purchase music, movies, and TV shows from Google Play (via Slash Gear). This will bring millions of (legal) songs for people to grab from the Google store. For Apple fans reading this post, Google Play is like your iTunes Store. For Android fans reading this post, Google Play is like your iTunes Store.

Listen! Everything Everything – Kemosabe

Manchester act, Everything Everything, have already released eclectic track, Cough Cough. The latest track from the band is Kemosabe, which is off of January 14 release, Arc.

Everything Everything - Kemosabe

This track is full of interesting rhythms, instruments, and vocal layers and delivery. It’s a chaotic yet catchy track. Check it out below.

Everything Everything – Kemosabe

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    […] act, Everything Everything, followed up Cough Cough with the track Kemosabe. The track, which is full of interesting rhythms and vocals, now has a […]