Stream! Ghost Town Jenny – The Swan EP

Ever since PeteHatesMusic was featured in the Guardian, our emails have increased significantly – thanks, Guardian! We have received emails from bands or record labels from across North America and Europe. This is on top of the regular labels and bands that fill our inbox. As such, there is a LOT of music to listen to. As I slowly chop away at our inbox, I have found a few gems. Ghost Town Jenny is one such band.

Ghost Town Jenny was the project of Kim Kylland, but now they are a full band under the same name. The first thing you’ll notice about the band are 25 year old singer Kim’s haunting voice. With a voice like that comes a certain sound from the band, and the band strives for the grandiose and epic with their sound. On the Ghost Town Jenny bandcamp page, you can buy their 5 song EP, The Swan, which was released at the end of 2011. You can listen to the whole thing below, which starts off slightly stronger than it finishes.

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