BURN MY EARS – Paris Hilton Has a New Song with Lil Wayne

Paris Hilton could just sit back, do charity work, and enjoy her millions from the Hilton hotel line. But fuck no, she has to ruin it for everyone and try and have a music career. Her first album spawned the hit Stars Are Blind, which was generally panned by critics. She had a bizarre spoken word track which was AWFUL and was quickly pulled from the Internet (after tens of millions heard it and hated it).

She somehow roped in Lil Wayne to do a verse on her new track, I Wanna Bang You, which is a title that would make any parent proud. “And the Grammy goes to….I Wanna Bang You!”

This “song” has leaked to the Internet and – SURPRISE – it’s worse than the diarrhea that Taco Bell will give you. Apart from a clever lyric Lil Wayne has about a foursome, the track attempts to hope on the EDM bandwagon, but falls off and gets run over instead.

Check out the track and unrelated video that TMZ has posted.

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