Morning Music Notes – I Thought Every American Was a Musician?

Apparently Kurt Cobain’s Daughter, Frances Bean, and NOT Courtney Love Has Control Over Kurt’s Image

Despite all the shit talking that Courtney Love does, saying that Kurt Cobain wouldn’t want Smells Like Teen Spirit associated with the Muppets amongst other things, it turns out that she might not have the final say – her daughter Frances Bean does – at least when it comes to his image. Pitchfork is reporting that the Fix has found documents – yes, documents! – that state Frances Bean Cobain has controlled Kurt’s image since 2010. That explains why Dave has been friendly with Frances Bean and not Courtney. And yes, Kurt is a fan of the Muppets, so suck it, Courtney.

The business company behind Cobain’s music is Acting Manager of End of Music LLC, and Courtney stepped down from there since she received a $2.75 million loan from Frances’ trust fund. It doesn’t appear Frances controls the music side of things – Kurt and Nirvana’s music is controlled by Primary Wave CEO Larry Mestel. So he is the Muppets fan, not Frances – makes sense.

Jack White Hits #1 in Canada and the USA, too

Earlier this week, we reported that Jack White hit the number 1 album spot in the UK. We can now tell you that I have an obsession with curly fries Blunderbuss is the number 1 album in the USA on the Billboard Top 200, and also the number 1 album in Canada (via Hollywood Reporter). Jack White never had a number 1 album with either the White Stripes, The Raconteurs, or The Dead Weather – just seven top 10 albums. The last White Stripes album, Icky Thump, hit number 2, held off by the man that unemployed fans everywhere love – Bon Jovi. Jack White played in London on the night of his Blunderbuss album release – check out the PeteHatesMusic review of the gig.

Almost 1 in 1000 Americans is a Musician, But How Many Americans are Pie Makers?!

I know everyone hates math (or maths as they call in the UK for some weird reason), but let me walk you through some stats. In 2010, there were 308,745,538 people listed in the US Census – seems a little TOO accurate for my liking. The US Department of Labor listed 269,400 musicians in 2010 (via Digital Music News). I’m pretty sure you know what the next step is – 308,745,538 divided by 269,400 means that about 1 in 1,146 Americans is a musician – no calculator needed for that, by the way. Of the 269,400 listed musicians, 176,200 are singers or musicians (sounds paradoxical), while 93,500 are music directors or composers. How many unemployed musicians are there in America, though – 200,000,000?

Random Cool Stuff: A 3D Model Emerging from an iPhone

This 3D animation sort of blows my mind. But then I wonder why the image extends beyond the screen, and then I sort of think it’s not real. But I’ll show it to you anyway. The work is done by Mike Ko, who did this for his grad project for Otis College of Art & Design (via Dvice).

More Random Cool Stuff: A Guy With Batman Facial Hair

I know what you’re thinking – Batman doesn’t have facial hair. Batman has a logo – every superhero needs some branding, right? One Batman fan (I assume he’s a fan, unless he lost a bet) decided to use his facial hair for the good of Gotham City and crafted his moustache and goatee into the Batman logo. Probably not the first to do this, but the first to be featured on PeteHatesMusic. Best day ever for this guy – walking the streets of wherever the hell he lives, knowing he’s on PeteHatesMusic (and Geekologie…and BuzzFeed….and so on).

batman moustache

Na na na na na na na na - moustache!

Listen! Serj Tankian – Figure It Out

The former / current again System of a Down frontman, Serj “Think” Tankian, will release another solo effort, Harakiri, on July 10. The band are about to tour with the Deftones, yet Serj had some time to slip his own solo work into the mix before rejoining System of a Down. The album’s first single is Figure It Out, and features Serj doing those old SOAD vocal oddities, found on early SOAD albums. Give it a listen below.

Serj Tankian – Figure It Out

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