Make Your Ears Happy – 1H May 2018

Now that it’s the middle of May, has everyone gotten their lame May puns out of their system? You know the ones – the N’Sync “It’s Gonna Be May”, as well as the Star Wars “May the 4th Be With You”. Overplayed, unlike my playlists, since I just posted them.


We have a ton of new stuff, naturally, but it’s also by heavy hitting indie bands, and there are some gems here, naturally. You’ve probably seen the Childish Gambino video, but other tunes you may or may not have heard include new stuff from Florence + the Machine, Lykke Li, Arctic Monkeys, and others. Yes, Arctic Monkeys got listed 3rd in that list of 3, despite being one of my favourite bands. Jury is still out on the new album, but critics are racing to claim they loved the odd ball change of direction before the others, and much more.

We end on a sad note – Frightened Rabbit singer Scott Hutchison committed suicide last week. While I can’t claim to know him or wax poetically as some other journalists have done quite excellently, I can say that I appreciate the time he took to do an email interview with me some years ago. He was also gracious when I met him at Osheaga after he decided to do an impromptu acoustic gig in a field after the band was forced to pull out of their slot. Scott famously wrestled with depression, and wore his heart on his sleeve, and this showed in his song lyrics. Go dive into some Frightened Rabbit tunes, and encourage your friends and family with any depression or mental health issues to talk and continue to talk to others.

Check out the first half of May playlist below, and our 2018 Master Playlist on Spotify, and give it a follow, and get lost in the music for over 5 hours. Or more if you hit Repeat.

Make Your Ears Happy – 1H May 2018

Master Playlist in Spotify

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