Not a Good Idea: Buying an iPad from a Random Dude in a Gas Station

This story is about a week old, but I was too busy playing with my new Nexus 7 to get around to writing about the iPad. On a related note, expect Android/Nexus related posts to increase in relation to iPad posts.

Generality: People are stupid. If I’m ever feeling down about my intelligence (or lack thereof), I just need to go for a walk and talk to 10 people, because at least one of the 10 people are bound to be like the woman featured in this article.

The woman, Jalonta Freeman, was in a gas station near Arlington, Texas. Some guy pulls up in a car and asked if she wanted to buy an iPad from him for $200. Nothing strange about this at all. Oh, he was in a hurry, too.

Jalonta cleverly released that Christmas is right around the corner, and at $600 off, you would be dumb NOT to buy this discounted iPad from a guy in a car in a gas station who was in a hurry.

iPad Sold At Texas Gas Station Was Actually A Mirror - via YouTube Screen Cap

Jalonta paid the $200 without looking at the iPad beforehand, which came in a FedEx box. Much to Jalonta’s surprise, the iPad was not an actual iPad but a mirror with a printout of the iPad home screen on front. Cue heightened disappointment.

Check out a video for Jalonta’s side of the story.

(via Geekologie)

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