Morning Music Notes – That Awkward Moment at The Killers Show

Trent Reznor Also Working With Queens of the Stone Age

Dave Grohl has previously and is now currently doing drums with Queens of the Stone Age. Dave Grohl previously drummed with Nine Inch Nails on most of an album. And now Trent Reznor is going to have a role with Queens of the Stone Age – rock music is just one big love fest. During a Q & A yesterday, Trent Reznor revealed that he is “helping Josh out on a new QOTSA track” (via Reddit).

Trent also said he is “starting rehearsals for two bands”. I really hope that One Direction isn’t one of those two bands – even Trent can’t save them. Trent did mention a NIN tour and said “2013”, so draw your own conclusions, if they still need drawing.

SHOEgarden to Prevent Getting You Getting Chris CORNell’s on Your Feet

Like me, you’re probably trying to figure out exactly what the hell I was trying to say with that headline. Thankfully, I have an answer for you – I am still drunk Soundgarden is getting a Converse shoe (via Consequence of Sound). The Soundgarden Chuck Taylor All Star shoes will be limited edition, will have the new King Animal cover on the shoe, with the Soundgarden logo on the heel. So I’m guessing the band will be rocking these at their upcoming tour? If you’re one of the lucky few at the show in Toronto this Friday, let us know! You can only buy the shoes in a Santa Monica store or online.

Soundgarden Chuck Taylor Converse shoe via Converse screen cap

How Not To End A Gig: Walking Off Mid-Performance Claiming a Sore Throat

Was anyone at the Killers gig in Manchester last night? If so, you probably weren’t too happy with how things ended. You have to feel bad for what Brandon Flowers had to do, but when your throat is fucked, what can you do? Watch the video below, which didn’t garner as many boos compared to if I was in the crowd. He might’ve had to dodge my shoes, too – but not my new Soundgarden Converse shoes. Check out some fan footage below, and note the sucking up at the end to calm the crowd.

Listen! Ra Ra Riot – Beta Love

Is the song Beta Love about that failed 80s VCR – please say yes. The guys with the answers would be Ra Ra Riot, who’s new album (also called Beta Love) is out January 22. The track is full of synth pop goodness – check it out below.

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