Morning Music Notes – Maybe LL Cool J Can Join Alexisonfire?

Alexisonfire Breaks Up, And It Ain’t Pretty!
Canadian rock band Alexisonfire have called it quits, reports Spinner. After 10 years and 4 albums, and while gaining minor worldwide fame the past few years, the band is no more.

“There is no good way to put it so I’m just going to say it,” lead singer George Pettit wrote. “After 10 years, Alexisonfire has decided to part ways. I’m going to try to give you the facts about this as best as I can.”

“The message explains that singer/guitarist Dallas Green informed the group nearly a year ago that following the band touring behind their last studio album ‘Old Crows/Young Cardinals’ he would be leaving. Green apparently cited that trying to balance his life with touring with the group as well as City and Colour was “a task too difficult to continue managing.”

“Pettit adds that following Alexisonfire’s show last December in St. Catharines with that lineup, the remaining members discussed the future and planned to “attempt the difficult task of replacing Dallas, but time got the best of us.” In addition, guitarist Wade MacNeil was asked to join another band, something “he felt was an opportunity he would like to pursue.”

“Replacing one guitar player/singer/writer was something we thought was possible, but replacing two would run the serious risk of perverting the legacy of what we had achieved,” Pettit wrote. “So we all took a good hard swallow and decided to end it so it would never get old and ugly.”

If this means more frequent and equally awesome City and Colour albums from Dallas Green, I welcome this news with open, er, ears.

Lollapalooza’s 20th Anniversary Show Ends in Rain, and Gatecrashers!

Who needs tickets when you can cause a riot? Okay, maybe not a riot, but the Hollywood Reporter notes that hundreds of fans hopped and tore down parts of the security fence at Lollapalooza this weekend.

“Organizers told the Chicago Tribune that “fence jumping” incidents were up this year despite an increase in security, with groups of teenagers bringing down several chain-link fences at various points around the sold-out event.

Most were turned away before reaching a second, 8-foot-tall fence surrounding the festival by security guards who at one point sprayed a fire extinguisher at the gate-crashers. Some in the crowd yelled “It’s tear gas!” and “Music should be free!” while they scattered.

According to one concertgoer, a Facebook page had been set up to inform the fence jumpers where to meet.”

If we learned anything from the Post-Stanley Cup riots, it is ‘Do Not Post Pictures of You Gate Crashing on your Facebook’. Bragging about illegal stuff on social media gets you busted. But of course, you should’ve paid to attend Lollapalooza in the first place.

Day 3 on Sunday saw a ton of rain at night. deadmou5 had the masses dance – in the puddles. The Foo Fighters played the festival’s closing set during the 2nd burst of rain and storms. Nothing was shut down due to weather, however; although Perry’s stage was reconfigured to allow better airflow on Saturday, due to overheat and poor ventilation. You need to breath to dance!

In Odd Collaboration / “He Still Does Music?” News

British rockers Kasabian are soon releasing their awesomely named fourth disc, Velociraptor!, on September 20. As a b-side to their first single, Kasabian have teamed up with lip licker LL Cool J (via NME).

“According to the band, the collaboration came together after the rapper heard the track and loved it. He then got in touch with the band to record the alternate version.”

That’s one way to force yourself back into the scene – tell ANYONE that you love . In surprising news, LL Cool J has released music as recently as 2008, and was nominated for a Grammy for his 2004 disc, the DEFinition. Well LL, it appears there is an opening in Alexisonfire – tell them how much you like their music.


Quickly, as in read this quickly, or else!

Big Boi has been a Bad Boi, as the Outkast rapper has been charged with possessing the Devil illegal drugs. Gigwise reports that Big Boi (Antwan Patton) has been charged with three counts of possession of a controlled substance and one count of possession of drug paraphernalia.

After much hype and much press, will the album be any good? Kanye West and Jay-Z, aka The Throne, now have their first album out for all to hear. Grab it on iTunes this week, Best Buy the 2 weeks following that (Aug 12-22), and then anywhere else after that.

Video for Girls – Vomit

An odd band name, Girls, followed by an odd song name, Vomit, sort of makes for an interesting headline. It was unclear if I was giving a fact, that Girls Vomit, or if i was segueing into some ultra creepy fetish that I have obtained a video of. Fortunately, the answer is neither. San Fran indie band, Girls, is readying their second album, Father, Son, Holy Ghost for release on September 13. They have released a video for a song, which if you haven’t clued in, is called Vomit. Check it out below. Or else!

[youtube ze6rg4ixjOI]

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  1. 2011/08/09

    […] Yesterday’s Morning Music Notes told you about the weekend breakup of Alexisonfire. Lead singer George Pettit went a bit on the offensive, claiming that the split wasn’t amicable. Most splits often aren’t, so no big surprise there. After his Lollapalooza set with City and Colour, Dallas Green clear the air a bit on the Alexisonfire split (via Spinner). Exercepts below in case you don’t feel like checking out the whole sob story article. […]

  2. 2011/09/07

    […] previously showed you the Girls video for Vomit. San Fran indie band, Girls, is readying their second album, Father, Son, Holy Ghost for release on […]