Watch! Sufjan Stevens – Silver and Gold

Admittedly, I’m a casual Sufjan Stevens fans. I love some songs, and others I think are full of too many ideas and do nothing for me, so I don’t post them. Today, Sufjan has a new video for his track, Silver and Gold, and it falls into the ‘good’ category in my eyes (and more importantly, my ears).

Sufjan Stevens - Silver & Gold - YouTube screen cap

The track is off of Silver and Gold: Songs for Christmas, Vols 6-10 – try saying that 5 times fast. Living in Canada, I don’t see many beaches on Christmas Day, although with global warming and the winter we had last ‘winter’ in Toronto, it might not be too far away. But the video for this track has retro footage of such days on the beach, perhaps on holidays, while the gentle piano track plays in the background. Check it out below, and look out for the album next week.

Sufjan Stevens – Silver and Gold

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