Watch! Jack White – High Ball Stepper (and new album news)

I’m cautious about reading any piece of news on April 1 for fear of an April Fools Day prank. The major of the largest city in Canada is doing crack and an alcoholic? Surely April Fools, right? No? Oh – sucks to live in Toronto. Oh – I do – FUCK! Brain meltdown aside, Jack White is apparently coming out with a new album on June 9/10. It’s called Lazaretto and is the follow up to Blunderbuss (for which I was at the album release show in London, England).

Jack White - Lazaretto

If this isn’t an April Fools Day prank – and seeing as our first listen is an instrumental track, it very well could be – it’s expected news, given the headlining slot at festivals this summer. Check out Jack White shred it a little in High Ball Stepper and hope for a return to White Stripes-esque riff rock (not that anything was wrong with Blunderbuss).

Jack White – High Ball Stepper

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