Listen! Stereophonics – In a Moment

Welsh rockers, Stereophonics, are following up Violins and Tambourines with their new single, In a Moment, which is hopefully when I’ll be done this gigantic novelty lollipop.

Stereophonics - In A Moment (screen cap)

The song is a dense and heavy rock track from Wayne Rooney’s favourite band. Starting off with an electronic beat, and filled out by loud guitars, sparse piano parts, and Kelly Jones’ soaring vocals (and backing vocals), the song is another good one from the band.

Make your ears happy and check out the latest song from the band. Their new album, Grafetti on the Train, is out sometime in 2013 (we’re hearing March). Bonus (since we all like bonuses, but my boss just won’t get the hint): you can download the track via the link in the YouTube video below.

Stereophonics – In a Moment

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