Morning Music Notes – Going, Going, Gone

Glastonbury Tickets Go On Sale, Glastonbury Tickets Have Sold Out

England’s legendary June festival, Glastonbury, put their tickets on sale this past weekend. Who’s playing? It doesn’t matter! Without a line up, the festival managed to sell out all of their 135,000 weekend tickets (priced at £205 / $330) in record time – 1 hour, 40 minutes (via Guardian). Hopefully the long awaited Milli Vanilli reunion doesn’t end up being the big surprise of 2013.

Festival organizer, Emily Eavis, said on her Twitter account “Tickets have sold out in 1hr 40mins, thanks to everyone for your support and we are so sorry to those who missed out. Sorry to everyone who missed out and for any problems you had with the booking site. There will be a resale in April.”

Let the “Rolling Stones and The Who” rumours begin.

Muse Hits Number 1, Mumford & Sons Are “As Big As The Beatles”

Muse’s new album, The 2nd Law, has hit number 1 in the UK, with sales of 108,000 copies (via NME). This is their fourth number 1 album in the UK. Mumford & Sons dropped to number 2 after their massive first week. However, Mumford & Sons have reason to celebrate – they have tied the Beatles by having six songs in the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time (via Gigwise). Next up: becoming bigger than Jesus. Not sure how many songs he had in the charts though.

More Love Me Do News

As we noted on Friday, the Beatles marked the 50th anniversary from the release of their first ever single, Love Me Do. Get ready for the next 8 years to be filled with 50th anniversary excitement and hyperbole for the Beatles. Anyway, as part of the 50th anniversary, the Beatles re-issued the single on vinyl. However, they accidentally re-released the version that didn’t have drummer Ringo Starr on it (via NME). Poor Ringo – still the forgotten Beatle. The version re-issued had Andy White on the kit instead.

EMI told UK dealers about a recall, while The Beatles’ label, Apple, has said they will destroy the re-issues. I’m not sure who in their right mind would voluntarily send back their copies to EMI – hello, eBay!

And “just because”, 1500 singers in Liverpool decided to sing Love Me Do down at the docks. And hooray, they are now in the Guinness Book of World Records for this odd ‘achievement’ (via Telegraph). There was actually a previous record, which only had a mere 897 people singing – amateurs! Choirs were organized across the UK for this meaningless event and they rehearsed independently before “coming together” to sing the tune. Check out the video below.

Arcade Fire – Crucified Again

Arcade Fire have played a new song! Arcade Fire have played a new song! It was played at an event in New York City, and although it was played before in Haiti, this is the first time it has been recorded (and well, uploaded). It’s called Crucified Again, and is a slower tempo track. Check it out below (via Consequence of Sound). The band are currently recording the follow up to The Suburbs.

Arcade Fire – Crucified Again

Listen! AraabMuzik – Runaway Bass

AraabMuzik has been busy. Having just remixed Sleigh Bells, he returns with a track called Runaway Bass (which sounds like it’d be a good musical comedy flick). Check out the instrumental electronic track below.

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