Watch! The Walkmen – The Love You Love

The latest video offering from the Walkmen combines 2 things I love – naked women slow motion video AND backwards footage. And black and white filming. Okay, THREE things I love. The track is off of The Walkmen’s album Heaven, for which you’ve heard more than a few things from it already. Oh, you own it, do you? Does it come with brand new videos on the album? Exactly – that’s why you’re here. That, and the free pizza coupons. Sorry, those are long expired. Am I typing all of my internal thoughts still?

Check out the video for another good song by the Walkmen, The Love You Love. The free pizza is on its way.

The Walkmen – The Love You Love

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2 Responses

  1. 2012/07/11

    […] Big Mac I eat. It was only Monday when I was eating 5 Big Macs we showed you The Walkmen’s new video for The Love You Love. Now we have another video for you. Have you heard of spacing things out, marketing team? Let the […]

  2. 2012/10/03

    […] Walkmen recently released Heaven and a couple of videos from the album (The Love You Love and Heartbreaker). They are also releasing a couple of leftover tracks from the Heaven sessions, on […]