Morning Music Notes: Neil Young’s autobiography could indeed be interesting.

Neil Young talks Kurt Cobain in autobiography:
Weaving Heavy Peace is Neil’s new autobiography, and it is on book shelves and most online retailers now. In it, he talks about being mentioned in Kurt Cobain’s suicide note, how he tried to reach out to the singer to help with his problems, and how the whole experience fucked with him (his words, not ours).

Neil Young

“When [Cobain] died and left that note, it struck a deep chord inside of me. It fucked with me.”

Read more excerpts via NME…

Li’l Wayne breaks Elvis Presley Record:
Weezy has now put 109 songs (!) on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart – breaking Elvis’ 45 year record.
Via Yahoo Music…

New Zealand PM Apologizes to Kim Dotcom:
As it turns out, if you gain information from illegally spying on someone, any evidence you find as a result is also illegal. Apparently, the investigative team has never seen any televised police dramas, where this legal rule appears in EVERY EPISODE EVER!

Regardless, an apology from the highest possible authority to the founder.
Get more ideas for your own police drama pilot via digitaltrends…

Underwater Bar Opens, staff rejoice:
Leave it to mankind to harness its own industrial ingenuity… explore underwater… find the most gorgeous underwater landscapes… forge a structure out of earth’s own elements so that one can even EXIST in a layer of our troposphere where we should be dead in minutes…

And what do we do when we accomplish this incredible feat, hereto unseen by a million years of mankind’s evolution?

Get drunk.

See the awesome photos of mankind’s greatest invention via Geekologie…

Woman falls off cliff while texting:
Picture this: You’re where the ocean meets land on one of Earth’s most violent and intimidating landscapes – Alaska. The ice-cold surf pounds the base of the cliffs sixty feet beneath you as a violent tide rolls in from the Bering Sea.
As you walk through this apocalyptic landscape, you can’t help bu be struck by its savage beauty – its unimaginable power… oh wait, I just got a text. Oh snap! LOLZ – U should hv been there last night – it waz… AAAAAAAAAHH!
…and as you plummet to the sea below, you can’t help but think, “oh man, am I ever going to get roasted on the internet for this.”
Read the un-dramatized survival story via Digital Trends…

Lana Del Rey is the new face of Jaguar:
Here’s proof:

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