Listen! Mt. Wolf – Life Size Ghosts EP

I was in the crowd to see Anchorsong one night back in March, but what was a nice added bonus was the stunning opening band, Mt. Wolf. From singer Kate Sproule’s booming vocals to the sense of grandeur to their songs, I was excited to see what they would release. After floating a couple of demos on Soundcloud, the band now have a four song EP called Life Size Ghosts.

The first track, the eponymous Life Size Ghosts, makes a double appearance on the EP, as a live version is also included. It is a cracking opener, full of excellent vocals and a nice, subtle backing rhythm. Cry Wolf is also a solid track, showcasing a bit more of an electronic side of things. While Starliner is an interesting experimental song, I would’ve preferred to hear a handful of their other songs played live to bolster the meat of the EP and to really showcase the bands strengths. I don’t know their future plans, but I do feel they have more to offer than what was included on the EP. I’m hoping future releases prove me right.

As I said, their live show is worth a viewing. Londoners will be happy to know that they are playing Saturday, September 29 at the Queen of Hoxton. Check them out and check out their EP (in which ever order you prefer).

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