Friday Afternoon Funnies: Instagram’s Portrait of an Artist

A lot of people love Instagram, as evidenced by the crazy amount of pictures in my Facebook newsfeed. On the flipside, a lot of people hate Instagram, saying it’s a stale attempt at an aesthetic that has long passed. Some people obviously think their photos are the shit because of Instagram and it’s ultra cool yet somewhat lame filters. A sketch comedy group from Los Angeles, Olde Payphone, have paid homage to this kind of person, in an over-the-top spoof. The piece is called “@thexavius: Portrait of an Instagram Artist” and looks at Xavius and his team of Instagrammers.

“Who are you on Facebook if you don’t look good?” Clearly, that would make you PeteHatesMusic. Check out the profile below, and wish you were Xavius, in this week’s we wish the segment had a cool name like Xavius Friday Afternoon Funnies. And yes, I’m sure there are people like this (note: you are one of them).

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