Friday Afternoon Funnies: I Dreamed a Dream, As Sung By Gollum

I have no idea why someone would practice this, I have no idea why someone would film this, and I have no idea why this has over a quarter of a million views. But alas, welcome to the sad, pathetic world that we live in.

Gollum sings I Dreamed A Dream - YouTube screen cap

We have a dude on YouTube who goes by the username ljameswalters singing I Dreamed a Dream, which is apparently a song from Les Miserables. This is me attempting to pretend that I don’t sing all the songs from Les Mis before bedtime. Anyway, not only does he sing the song, but he sings it in the key of Gollum (of Lord of the Rings / Hobbit fame). Yup, he somehow imitates the weird voice of that creepy looking twin of mine character from those geektastic movies. Check out the weirdness, in this week’s edition of Friday Afternoon Funnies.

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