Morning Music Notes – Don’t Get Lost in the K-Hole This Weekend

Leeds and Reading Festivals Kick Off Today; Organizers Say Don’t Do Drugs!

The famous twin Bank holiday weekend festivals – Leeds and Reading – kick off in England today. And – GASP! – drugs have been found on site!!! However, they warned on Twitter that there was contaminated ketamine on site, so beware ketamine buyers (via Gigwise). The tweet said “Beware! There is contaminated ketamine on site. Do not bring, take or buy any drugs on site. Be safe and enjoy the great line up!” I’m pretty sure the tweeter has a stake in the non-ketamine drug trade and is trying to drive (drug) traffic his way.

The Leeds Festival (fun) Police have also been buzz kills, saying “Have fun at #Leeds Festival but watch your drinks – Even soft drinks get spiked!” The festivals will see Foo Fighters, The Black Keys, Kasabian, Florence + the Machine, and others play this weekend.

Showscoop Wants to Be The Go-To Place for User’s Reviews of Concerts

Before heading out to eat, I often drink a couple beers check out Urban Spoon or Yelp to see what restaurants are good in the area I’m going to. These sites might have a few trolls lurking, but generally, these user reviews and comments are bang-on. Showscoop wants to bring the user reviews of the quality of bands’ shows straight to you to either read or comment on (via Hypebot).

A good band, like the Smashing Pumpkins, have been getting hammered by fans for playing pretentious shows without their hits, and any hits have been turned into 15 minute alternative takes. No one wants to pay $100 to see that, and reviews on Showscoop might help. However, the fan review base is extremely small right now, so take it with a grain of salt. OR go on there and start hyping up your favourite bands and help it grow into a reliable site.

Facebook Releases New iPhone App, and It Is Surprisingly Good

Last night, after finishing my 5 hour Katy Perry marathon, iTunes prompted me to update my Facebook app on my iPhone. And to my surprise, it’s actually a lot better than before. The new stories update like they would on Twitter, with a banner at the top informing you of all the latest baby pics spamming your feed (rather than pulling down to refresh). The photos open and scroll faster, and things didn’t seem as buggy as before, if that makes any sense. If it doesn’t make sense, I blame the fine Polish beers I was drinking last night. Check it out (Facebook, not the Polish beers) and see what I mean.

Listen! Gold Panda – Trust

We recently heard from London producer, Gold Panda, when he dropped a slew of stuff on us a few months ago. XFM premiered a new track by Gold Panda, and the intro by Mary Anne Hobbs sums up how good the track is. It’s called Trust, and it’s something I need to start doing when my cat asks for my car keys.

The track morphs from sound to sound, with well-executed transitions, and a nice cascade of sounds throughout. Throw on this chill track and enjoy your Friday morning, and then get ready for Rich to blow you away with another of his always-excellent Weekend Music selections.

Gold Panda – Trust

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