Listen! Solomon Grey – Choir To The Wild

Remember Solomon Grey and their lovely, oft-falsetto vocals from the songs Last Century Man and Glas/Green? If you don’t – give them a listen (yes, that is an order), and keep reading. The band have a new mini-LP called Selected Works and on this mini-album is a gorgeous tune called Choir to the Wild. You know where else this song is? On the film adaptation of JK Rowling’s book The Casual Vacancy, which I haven’t read as I only read books about adolescent wizards.

Solomon Grey - Choir to the Wild via YouTube screenshot

After 4 minutes of slow burning and lovely harmonies, the song breaks into a stunning extended outro (for whatever reason, cuts off abruptly – the private SoundCloud link that I had did NOT do this). Poor uploading skills aside, the band have a winner with their latest track Choir to the Wild. Make your ears happy.

Solomon Grey – Choir To The Wild

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