Morning Music Notes – Cruising to the White Stripes

Still playing catch up after a long but fun Canadian Music Week. One great track we wanted to be sure to bring to your ears is the latest gem from Fyfe.

Fyfe - For You

With a catchy and repetitive rhythm, great production, and stand out vocals, what’s not to like? They all come together to make this a unique song. And let’s be honest – who doesn’t love a good saxophone solo? Nazis! Make your ears happy below.

Morning Music Notes

This is not news, but it’s bizarrely fascinating. It is a cruise ship playing Seven Nation Army. Just because.

Remember when Goldieblox illegally used the Beastie Boys tune Girls in their young girl targeted ad? The Beasties sued, as MCA’s will forbid the use of his music in commercial endeavours. The settlement has been discovered, and Goldieblox needs to pay 1 percent of their gross revenue until they’ve donated $1 million to an unspecified charity. Not bad considering all the free advertising they got. (via Digital Music News)

Coachella might have just ended, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look towards 2015 already. Weekend 1 will be April 10-12, while Weekend 2 will be April 17-19. Tickets go on sale WAYYYYYYY in advance, this Friday at 1:00pm ET. Let’s hope you don’t get Blur and Stone Roses as your headliners in 2015… (via Pitchfork)
And now, for the tabloid part of this post which I will regret writing. I suppose you’ve heard about the supposed grainy elevator footage of Jay Z being attacked by sister-in-law Solange aka Beyonce’s sister? Well, if not – check it out below. I think I see a UFO in the background, and JFK’s killer, in this sketchy footage. Jay Z and Beyonce appeared at the Nets game last night, so who knows what the hell is going on. The Standard Hotel in New York, where the incident happened, are investigating the breach.

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