The Best Searches That Made People Come to PeteHatesMusic

Thanks to the magic of the Internet, I can write posts to make it look like I’m blogging, when really, I’m in the Caribbean either running away from a hurricane or getting a sunburn. Thanks to the magic of Google, us bloggers can tell how many people came to our site, how they got there, and how long they stayed. What we can’t tell is how much they hated what we wrote – although we gauge that by the lack of returning visitors, and mean comments on Twitter. I guess when you have ‘hate’ in your blog name, you get a lot of hate in return.

One of the more interesting things to look at is how people arrived at your site via Google searches. You can see exactly what people looked for that made them land on PeteHatesMusic. I’m blown away by two things – the bizarre things people are looking for, and that this bizarre search actually made them end up on PeteHatesMusic. We’ve run a few features on this before, since I find it so oddly fascinating.

Below are some of the highlights for the first part of 2013. I’m on vacation, so I’m entitled to mail in a post every now and then. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do,

Sex on the brain
chick grinding on tree at festival
tits iphone case
claire boucher nude (note: this is Grimes’ real name. Also note that I do not have any nudes of her on my site)
girls masturbate together to the music
instagram big tits
audio of girls talking how they were fucked
biebers balls reward
how old was billie joe armstrong when he lost his virginity
why are there porn sounds coming out of my computer
will i see boobs at major lazer concert

are the great lake swimmers jehovah witness
guy that jumped from space did he poop his pants
is that one of those guitars… that are like a double — guitar?
what are non alcoholic fluids
who hates walk off the earth
did mariqueen reznor have her baby / did trent reznor have second baby
can i go to a san cisco concert if i’m not 16
glastonbury 2013 line-up revealed, but is it a let down?
how did jack white and adam yauch know each other
how did kodaline get their song on greys anatomy
how long did axl rose hold the note in don’t cry
how to make a halloween light stay on and not flash (note: I do not understand this at all)
what band was in toronto last night
what generally happens at xx concerts
what was the name of the song ben howard awarded for best solo male?please could you tell me…
is janet jackson a witch
is paul mccartney going bald
is nirvana still making music? (note: help us all)

Flat Out Weirdness
eugene levy lookalike
flying piss oasis concerts
fuck you bitch iphonecase
killer karaoke girl
reviews of song titled just make it stops from low new album titled the invisible way
hates bell canada (note: don’t we all)
afternoon with hairy girl
app for scanning facebook skin pictures
adam levine hates flying
amok “atoms for peace” “how to pronounce”
annoying roommate sleep
comfortably numb image girl in blue and orange sundress behind teal flowers
frank ocean!!!!!!!! that gf beater
i am obsessed with kurt cobain
i hate the breathing underwater song
if you’re reading this, now i own your car (note: I sincerely hope not)
looking for the name of a song that roger waters did that a jet flew through the song
no hot dogs at the staples center this friday, morrissey (note: this also reads as an insult or a Demetri Martin joke)
the arctic monkeys fifth album sausages

Keep Googling, kids!

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