Watch! Daniel Pearson – Waves in the Sea

Another overlooked song from the Inbox. I blame my “always on vacation” schedule. Last month, we received an email telling us about UK singer-songwriter Daniel Pearson. Mr. Pearson is about to release his Canadian debut called Satellites at the end of July, and has a shiny video for us to judge him and his music by. Put the knives away though, as the song is a catchy, gentle guitar number that showcase Daniel’s strong vocals.

Give Waves in the Sea a watch below, and if you like it, listen to a 3 track sampler of the album over at his website. For a song about “waves” and “sea”, there isn’t a lot of water imagery used in the video. Maybe I’m taking the lyrics a little TOO literal – which is why I failed English many times. Yup – unpossible, I know.

Daniel Pearson – Waves in the Sea

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