Morning Music Notes – HAIM and Goliath

Gorillaz are back… is the exact kind of phrase that would start off my Monday mornings on a great note. While not 100% back, Damon Albarn did play an unrelease ditty from the cartoon band.

Gorillaz - Whirlwind - YouTube screen cap
While sitting in for Dermot O’Leary on BBC Radio 2, Albarn played an instrumental track called Whirlwind from the Plastic Beach sessions which features the Syrian National Orchestra. Sadly, Albarn noted he has lost contact with some of the orchestra members, due to the political situation in Syria, and dedicated the song to them. Check it out below.

Gorillaz – Whirlwind

Morning Music Notes

How is this for an underdog story? California sister trio (one of the greatest phrases one can write) HAIM have beaten pop juggernaut Justin Timberlake to the top of the UK charts. My gut tells me this won’t happen in the US of A, but we’ll find out shortly (via Gigwise)

It took only one hour and 27 minutes, but I’ve now learned to tie my shoes Glastonbury 2014 in England is now sold out, in record time, too. Now time to reward the public’s blind faith and book Ricky Martin (via NME)

Madonna wrote an article for Harper’s Bazaar magazine and detailed how when she first moved to New York City, she was robbed three times, and also raped at knifepoint. She goes on to discuss her move to the UK and adopting her son from Malawi (via The Guardian)

A fan chucks a full can of beer at Azealia Banks at the 2013 Listen Out Festival in Melbourne, Australia, and Banks leaves the stage after 10 seconds. Stay classy, Australian Banks haters.

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