Watch! Jack White – Freedom At 21

Jack White has released a new video for the song, Freedom At 21, off his new album Blunderbuss (via Freedom At 21 sounds like it could be about a retirement-savings plan involving Blackjack. The song itself sounds just like what you would expect a Jack White song to sound like, not too elaborate, but catchy. Nice little riff in this one.

The video is directed by Hype Williams, which means it’s going to be a slicker-than-grease big-budget production. White spends most of it touring around in a sweet, lime-green classic muscle car (the ‘hemicuda’). You’ve got car chases, attractive half-naked women, a guitar solo, cops, and guns. Gee, do you think a guy came up with the idea for this one?? Also, is that Josh Homme from the band Queens of the Stone Age as the cop at the end of the video? Maybe not, but sure looked like him. Watch the video for Freedom At 21:

Jack White – Freedom At 21

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